Have a Business? Check Out The Best Attendance Tracker

Keeping track of employee attendance is vital for any business, large or small. However, this process can be a herculean task without the right tools. To help you out, this article covers the best ways to monitor your team’s attendance. We’ll talk about the benefits of an employee attendance tracker, look at a sample attendance tracker template and explore the best attendance tracking software for your needs

What Makes a Good Attendance Management App?


Attendance Tracker & Workforce Synchronizer A Multiplatform Software For Efficient Management Of Field Workforce & Field Service Operations

Time Doctor:

Time Doctor is an employee tracking solution with advanced time tracking and attendance features. It’s especially suited to teams from 20 to 500 employees. Find out not only when the team started and stopped each day but what they did in-between. It is a web-based solution that provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, reminders, screenshot recording, invoicing, reporting tools, integrations and so much more.


Bitrix24 is a free HR platform used by over 8 million companies worldwide. Bitrix24 is on-premise and cloud-based time and attendance software created especially for small to mid-size organizations. It is extremely flexible. You may or may not require your employees to clock in and clock out. You may or may not allow your employees to work from home. You can set up a minimum workday duration and the hours when employees have to arrive and leave at. Cloud, mobile and open source code versions.

Attendo Plus:

An app designed to help your organization plan, create, manage, promote, track and certify.

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