Frequently Asked Questions

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Does BuildFaire keep my data?

Yes. However, a business owns all of the data it uploads. The consumer can remove their data and cancel their subscription if they decide not to use BuildFaire any more. For the following 90 days, the data will be kept on our server for backup purposes.

Customers can submit a manual request to have their data deleted right away, and we will do so during the following seven working days.

Because it is encrypted, neither BuildFaire nor any other outside workers have access to our client data.

Does BuildFaire support legacy system integration?

Yes. An integration server is part of our corporate platform and can be used to connect to legacy and other systems.

Do mobile devices support BuildFaire?

Yes, both iOS and Android smartphones may use BuildFaire.

How does BuildFaire's deployment process work?

Customers have the option of using BuildFaire in our public cloud or licensing the whole platform and running it on their own premises or in a private cloud.

Can BuildFaire be used offline?

No. BuildFaire cannot be utilized offline at this time.

BuildFaire is it safe?

BuildFaire takes all necessary efforts to guarantee the security of your data. Data is encrypted at rest and in the database, and it is sent over an SSL connection.

Additionally, the BuildFaire staff adheres to strict internal safety procedures.

Is BuildFaire trustworthy?

Yes. BuildFaire has a long history of giving its clients trustworthy service. It is crucial to guarantee that our database and service are always current and functional. Our team puts in a lot of effort to keep the technology up to date and offer highly attentive customer assistance.

How does BuildFaire differ from other platforms for software development?

There were still other “low-code” or “no-code” platforms created for programmers. Anyone can create and personalize apps thanks to BuildFaire’s user-friendly interface.

BuildFaire automatically develops a web and mobile side for your app (Android & iOS), takes care of the cloud back-end, and any other underlying complications when you create an app with it. To improve administration, security, and maintenance, apps are accessible through a solitary, protected container.

Which browsers are compatible with BuildFaire?

All internet browsers, including Safari, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, are supported with BuildFaire. This guarantees that all businesses can utilize the system without difficulty.

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