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Increased Reactivity
Increased Reactivity

Real-time action is required by customers, partners, vendors, and everyone in between. Utilize Buildfaire to put your company in "always on" mode and perform above expectations.

Operate Your Way
Operate Your Way

Instead of the other way around, software should adapt to your demands. With a straightforward drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly customize apps for your company and encourage team innovation.

Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money

Data silos are produced and scalability is constrained when many SaaS applications are licensed to meet every need. With only one license, Buildfaire offers access to hundreds of apps.

What is Buildfaire?

Everybody always has a powerful device with them. The Buildfaire no-code platform makes it simple to build custom apps that interact with enterprise and legacy systems, giving workers the ability to act quicker and more intelligently right from their phones.

No matter how big or little your demand, we’ll create a stunning mobile application that’s designed particularly to your company’s requirements.

Why should you focus on Mobile?

Employees are always glued to their phones
Employee duties can be completed using streamlined apps and unique procedures.
Decreases support for IT infrastructure.

How can Buildfaire help you achieve your goals?

Realize digital transformation at a reasonable cost.
Boost productivity by giving workers the tools they need to do tasks fast.
To meet business needs, lessen the burden and dependency on IT resources.

BuildFaire App Development Made Easy.

  • An all-inclusive mobile app development solution that will help you get started quickly. Professional app development, strategy, and support from a dependable partner for your success. BuildFaire provides your company all the resources it needs to succeed in the cutthroat mobile industry of today.

  • Have a top-notch staff that supports your corporate objectives lend life to your app.

  • Our team will work to make sure that your idea succeeds at every stage of the app lifecycle.

No-Code Platform Features Maker For iOS & Android Apps.

You can experience all of these features with your 30-day free trial now!

BuildFaire Developers

Our SDK offers endless flexibility for your app.

Drag & Drop

Anyone can simply create unique web and mobile applications without any programming experience with our drag-and-drop design editor.


Using this functionality, you can define a fictitious geographic boundary around certain site areas to impose user behavior inside your apps. Users must, for instance, be inside the "fence" in order to check in for a work.


Through a variety of techniques, BuildFaire can smoothly integrate with any external system. BuildFaire can be integrated with legacy systems by businesses to prevent data migration or to quickly add a mobile front-end.

Platform Features

All the resources required to create a mobile app quickly.

Analytics Dashboard

To examine critical performance indicators and obtain immediate insights from application activities, use custom dashboards. Dashboards can be quickly accessed via a web browser on a computer or a phone.

Send Notifications

Create processes that send out real-time alerts to specified people via email, SMS, and in-app push.

Build Workflows

BuildFaire comes with a powerful workflow engine for app automation. In our web-based design studio, users can create workflows with ease and have the opportunity to add custom code to enhance app functionality.

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What is BuildFaire?

BuildFaire is a no-code platform for building apps that makes it ridiculously simple for people to create business apps that increase staff productivity. Buildfaire’s main advantage is that no coding is needed to create these applications. This essentially means that anyone can develop the applications they require for their company.

Is BuildFaire free?

BuildFaire needs a yearly or monthly subscription. The cost covers continuous maintenance and support as well as full access to platform features.

Customers can test out BuildFaire for 30 days without charge.

Does BuildFaire require training?

Users can schedule web meetings with our customer service and solution engineering teams if they need additional training.

Why should I choose BuildFaire?

Since every business is different, so do its difficulties. Enterprise applications can be readily customized using Buildfaire so that they are developed just for your company.

Instead of attempting to adapt your company to the constraints of multiple licensed programs, use Buildfaire to rapidly tailor apps to your needs and workflows.

How does deployment work with BuildFaire?

Customers have the option of using BuildFaire in our public cloud or licensing the whole platform and using it on their own premises or in a private cloud.

Does BuildFaire provide customer support?

Yes. BuildFaire is aware that for businesses looking to successfully adopt a new system, vendor support is essential. To help new users with their needs while using BuildFaire, a customer success analyst is assigned to them.

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